April 2, 2023

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professionals to connect, network, and find job opportunities. However, there may be instances when you need to block someone to protect your privacy or maintain a professional environment. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the process of blocking someone on LinkedIn step by step.

1. Find the profile of the person you want to block

First, you'll need to locate the LinkedIn profile of the individual you wish to block. You can do this by using the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn homepage and entering their name, or by visiting their profile through a connection or message.

2. Access their profile page

Once you've found the person's profile, click on their name or photo to access their profile page.

3. Open the "More" options menu

On the person's profile page, look for the "More" button with three dots located below their profile photo and headline. Click on this button to open a dropdown menu.

4. Select "Report/Block" from the dropdown menu

In the dropdown menu, click on the "Report/Block" option. This will open a new window with several options to choose from.

5. Choose "Block [Name]"

In the new window, select the "Block [Name]" option. This will block the individual from viewing your profile, connecting with you, or sending you messages.

6. Confirm your decision

LinkedIn will ask you to confirm your decision to block the person. Click "Block" to finalize the process.

7. Manage your blocked list (optional)

If you wish to view or manage the list of people you've blocked, navigate to your LinkedIn Settings & Privacy page. Click on the "Visibility" tab, and then find the "Blocking" section. Here, you can view and unblock individuals if needed.


Blocking someone on LinkedIn is a straightforward process that can help you maintain a professional network and protect your privacy. By following these steps, you'll be able to take control of your LinkedIn experience and ensure that your connections align with your goals and values.

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